About Us

Auburn Sky Labradoodles

Welcome to Auburn Sky Labradoodles.  We are a small, in home, family-based breeder of authentic Australian Labradoodles.

We live in Beavercreek, Oregon about 20 miles south of Portland.  We have 10 acres of land,  where our two-legged kids and our four-legged ones can run and play.

We have been married for over 12 years and are blessed with twin boys.  We have been animals lovers our whole lives.  Our dogs live inside with us.  They enjoy camping, hiking and running around with our boys.

Our whole family fell in love the Australian Labradoodle breed because of their calm personalities.  They are smart and sociable.  They have non-shedding coats and come in all different colors and sizes.  They are a perfect fit for most families!

Ginger, our first Australian Labradoodle, came into our lives in 2016 and we could not be happier with her.  I’m a substitute teacher and Ginger gets to come to school with me.  The students absolutely adore her.  She has the most mellow personality of any dog we have ever come across.  She is so willing to please.  We cannot imagine life without a Labradoodle in it.  They really are a very special breed of dog.  I cannot wait to see her pass her calm demeanor and loving nature down to her puppies!

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