Guardian Home

Our guardian homes help local families have an opportunity to have a top quality “pick of the litter puppy” for a family pet without all the expense.  We are not a kennel breeder.  We believe that dogs raised in kennels do not get the socialization and stimulation that is needed to be a happy, well-balanced dog. Our program is designed this way to benefit everyone involved: the dog, the breeder, and the forever family. We believe every dog deserves a loving family they can call their own!We only charge a fraction of the pet price for our guardian dogs, however, there are some requirements and responsibilities.

To qualify you must:

  • Live within 75 miles of Portland, OR.
  • Own your own home
  • Have a fully fenced yard
  • Follow feeding guidelines
  • Ensure the dog has routine veterinary care
  • Preference will go to homes that have somebody home most of the day.

We offer an incentive to all guardian homes that complete and pass Canine Good Citizen with their guardian dog by the time the dog reaches 1 year of age or for those that become a registered therapy team.

Auburn Sky Labradoodles retains the ownership and breeding rights while the dog lives with a family. After passing all testing the females begin their breeding career.  The female will come back to us to be bred and again about a week before her due date to whelp each litter of puppies. She will stay with us about 6 weeks after whelping and then return to her guardian family after the puppies are weaned. The guardian family is welcome to visit and see the puppies! Our breeding females usually have 4-6 litters and males are in the guardian home program until they are approximately 5 years old. For the males, the dog will have to be available to us for breeding at certain times of the year. He will either visit us for a short time of the day or we may need to keep him here for a few days. Transfer of ownership will happen once the dog has finished her/his breeding career.  The dog will be spayed or neutered at our expense.

This has proven to be a positive relationship for all! Guardian families get to enjoy the excitement of being a part of our breeding program and seeing the puppies of their very own guardian dog and none of our breeding dogs will ever live in a kennel situation.

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